Who We Are

SellWell is a family run business that is actively engaged in creating high performing, sustainable plastics packaging solutions for the Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industries, with a trust of over three decades now. We believe that the legacy of our vision goes beyond the physical product – we measure success by our ability to affect bottom lines positively and build an everlasting brand loyalty along with forging long term partnerships, leading to growth.
There is more to package design at SellWell – A Passion for Better Packaging-Better Products. We help create custom plastic products that are complex in nature requiring high level of attention to detail. Our team evaluates each stage of the process, from vetting a design to evaluating products for peak performance and client goals.

The Beginning

SellWell was founded in 1982 by Umesh D Pangam. His growth story is as young as India’s Industrial success itself. He has been leading the company ever since its inception in 1982. His vision to create dynamic and sustainable brand packaging solutions is now being transferred onto the next generation to his sons Mr………………..

A Trusted Partner

Over time, SellWell developed high profile client relationships and, learned how to work with competitive customers and was recognized for excellence in protecting customer intellectual property and confidentiality.

We are Problem solvers

At the core of SellWell, we are dedicated at improving processes and design of products that better performs. We take time to understand all components of the supply chain and distribution in order to deliver effective, profitable packaging design that is embraced by the end user.

The Facility

SellWell’s manufacturing facility is spread across an area of 8,680 square feet – this not only covers the plant setup but also includes separate checking, packaging and storage for both raw materials as well as finished goods.

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